About Us

Founded in 2018

Overboard Tables was founded as a super stable cooler table for outdoor adventure.

This isn’t your regular, reinvent the wheel kind of company. Overboard Tables is devoted to bringing new innovative outdoor products for the fishing, hunting, and outdoor world.  

Growing up in South Louisiana, a sportsman's paradise, my wife and I have been blessed. Whether it was launching two-man boat in some gravel pit ponds, hiking with my dad through the piney woods of southern Mississippi, or saltwater fishing with my parents in the Louisiana marsh,the outdoors has always been a part of us! 

One too many fishing trips, where I filleted my catch on top of my Rotomolded cooler, damaged this cooler, and had no access to the inside of the cooler, led to the idea of Overboard Tables.

Overboard tables are sturdy for the sportsman, practical for the family, lightweight for the team mom.